The Thank You For Caring Society

Debbie Froese, the wife of Langley Township mayor, was the founder of the Mayors Wives' Tea, which over time became the Thank You For Caring  - A Christmas Tea.

In 2019 the Tea evolved into the formation of a not-for-profit society.  This allows us the expand our reach to help more Langley families in need.

Our first tea started with 200 woman and now sells out annually with 500.  

Since 2013 we have raised over $178,000.00 for the local Christmas Bureau, and other local Charities.  This has helped over 700 families yearly in the Langleys.

The legacy Debbie started is now carrying forward by our board members 

Karen Cameron

Charlene Fassbender

Diane Fox

Marilyn Morgan

Grace Stewart

Kate Amangoulova

Dianne McAfferty

Melanie McDougall

Donna McCreadie

Thank You for your Support!